#3 – How to Find and Live Your Truth with Justin Janowski

MARCH 19, 2019 


In this episode, we dive deep with Justin Janowski—Founder & CEO of Faith2Influence—about his risk-taking journey in business and life, as well as his journey in personal growth and his faith.  He shares the powerful story of when he realized he was not living his truth, how he found it, and gives us the framework on to how find your truth (by asking the right questions).  He also shares his passion behind his work of helping Christian leaders grow professionally around sales, leadership, and helping them master relationships to help them grow as husbands and fathers.  Enjoy!   If you are a christian man in sales or business who is interested in mastering leadership, relationships, and impact at a higher level, feel free to learn more about Justin and Faith2Influence at faith2influence.com or by contacting Justin via email @ Justin@faith2influence.com.