#9 – Next Gen Governance with Erdem Ovacik

April 30, 2019 


Ever wonder what a more robust government would like like?  One that collects big data, measures positive impact in society and rewards organizations who do so?   Erdem Ovacik has thought extensively about this topic.  He’s given a TEDx talk about it, and is currently writing a book.  If you’re curious what government may look like in the future, this episode is for you —  it may just blow your mind to pieces.  You can find Erdem at: @Erdemnino on twitter and Medium   And here’s his TEDx talk: tedxreset.com/content/big-data-a…K1CFI7WG8QsyDQsrS0

Erdem started his career at McKinsey and Company out of Istanbul office, Erdem’s hometown. He studied public policy at UC Berkeley and before he co-founded Donkey Republic, which is a global bike rental service, he has been working with citizen engagement, social impact funding and measurement, crowd-funding and international development projects. He is an advocate of lean management, also in public space, with more reliance on, and leveraging of data. In a TEDx Talk in 2018, he shared insights on future of governance to keep up with challenges posed with faster and more innovation in the private sector. With Donkey Republic, Erdem is working towards finding better models to serve micro mobility vehicles in close dialogue with cities to solve challenges.   He is expanding his ideas into a book which is about how we need to reform our democratic processes, organization and institutions to maintain our collective benefits. We need to collect and use public data much more effectively, reward and punish companies by measuring their impact on society and including that into companies' annual reports in a robust manner, restructure public decision making process removing representation.