#73 – Richard Haasnoot — Bold Innovation & Precious Ideas

24 March 2020


“When I get people to lift themselves up and go beyond just making money to achieving noble purpose and making the world a better place, we get such great ideas.”  Richard Haasnoot

In this episode, Richard shares his ‘Quantum Idea Generation’ method to help you innovate better than your competition.  We also talk how to build your emotional intelligence (empathy, compassion, listening) and live a happier life.  This episode is packed with wisdom — enjoy!

About Richard:

Founder and head coach of Innovate2Grow Experts/i2ge.com, a leading front end innovation company. Only company using the 8 most proven innovation best practices. Our team has led more innovation projects than any other team in America.  Also the author of 6 books, and host of Wisdom Inspired Life podcast and Innovation Best Practices podcast with over 600 episodes and listeners across the globe.  

You can find Richard at:

LinkedIn @ Richard Haasnoot

Podcasts: “The Innovation Best Practices” and “Wisdom Inspired Life”