#68 – Nanette Fridman — The Power of Intention, Alignment, and Building Strong Teams

03 March 2020


“Often the work, both in business and personal life, is bringing our day-to-day … into alignment with our aspiration.” In this episode we talk about Nanette’s favorite words “intentional” and “alignment.”  We chat about how effective teams are built, common pitfalls leaders take when scaling their team, the importance of communication and why listening to your mother can make the world a better and kinder place.  Enjoy! About Nanette: Nanette Fridman is a strategist and coach for values-driven organizations and leaders. She is the author of On Board: What Every Board Member Must Know about Nonprofits & Board Service and of Holding the Gavel: What Nonprofit Board Leaders Need to Know. You can find Nanette at: fridmanstrategies.com FB @ Fridman Strategies Twitter/LinkedIn @ Nanette Fridman