#65 – Ben Gioia — The Buddha Smile & Love Consciousness

20 February 2020


“The more you are in the space of love the more you will be in the space of truth.” — Ben Gioia In this episode shares his life-altering revelations on his 9 day hike in India, letting go of the ego, the buddha smile meditation technique, tips for empathy, embodying love as a leader, the power of deep work, and more.  Enjoy! About Ben: Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a two-time best-selling author, speaker, & creator of the Influence With A Heart📷 Method. If you have a a big idea, Ben will help you bring your book to the world, make it #1, and create a media explosion in just 99 days. You can find Ben at: Influencewithaheart.com Influencewtihaheart.com/5weekbook