#64 – Sylvain Rochon — The Way of the Future

17 February 2020


“We have to start thinking [of disruptive technology] as challenges to be overcome instead of being fearful of them.” — Sylvain Rochon In this episode we talk about the new economy and it’s consequences on people and society.  We also talk about artificial intelligence and the chronic stress epidemic.  If you spend time pondering about what society will look like in 10, 20, or 50 years from now, this is episode for you.  Enjoy!  About Sylvain: Sylvain is an international speaker, a futurist, an entrepreneur and the author of "Engineering Paradise: Are You Ready?". He has been published in many online magazines of note over the years, teaching entrepreneurs not to fear disruptive technologies, but instead to use them to build an amazing world. You can find Sylvain at: sylvainrochon.com