#63 – Daria Vodopianova — Rethinking Relationships & Finding Your Inner Leader

10 February 2020


“The difference between a successful entrepreneur is when you have a network of people celebrating me and my magic in this world.” — Daria Vodopianova

In this episode we talk about friend dating, group dynamics, different forms of intimacy, creating intention behind who you spend time with (including ‘breaking up’ with friends in a compassionate way).  We also chat about the importance of your network as an entrepreneur and how it is really critical to success.  Enjoy! 

About Daria: Daria is a TEDx-speaker, trainer and social media strategist dedicated to empowering companies and entrepreneurs to work smarter with their social media presence. She is frequently invited to be a guest speaker and trainer in conferences, in educational centers, and at companies around personal branding, the “new” LinkedIn, and social media strategies. She is passionate about building online communities, herself reaching 16,000 connections throughout her social media platforms. 

You can find Daria at: dariav.com  nextchapterx.com