#60 – Nina Baliga — Breaking The Bias

30 January 2020


“Diversity and inclusion doesn’t just happen naturally … it’s a conscious effort.”  — Nina Baliga

In this episode we talk about the importance of diversity in the workplace, how to build skills around conscious communication, and an effective simple exercise to bring into your meetings to create more emotional safety.  Enjoy!

About Nina: Nina is the Co-Founder of diversity, a startup focused on creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive tech industry. She is also the Head of Executive Culture and Inclusion at Jobber Group, and co-founder at Breaking the Bias.  With nearly twenty years of experience in non-profit and for-profit organizations, she decided to dive into the startup world combining her community organizing, business, leadership and app development skills.

You can find Nina at: Twitter @ninabaliga breakingthebias.com