#52 – Cath Sutherland — Get To The Depths of Who You Are

09 December 2019 


“There is no one way of doing business.  It’s about being grounded in who you are, understanding the value that you offer, and understanding how you individually express that to help and serve your community.” — Cath Sutherland

In this episode we discuss how to create a global vision for your company through the 5 key energy elements: big why, purpose, values, personality and product.  We also discuss the importance in having faith in your paradigm as an entrepreneur for your own success and to bring value to the world.  Enjoy!

About Cath: Cath Sutherland – Director of Conscious Business, is a branding expert, professional consultant, facilitator, keynote speaker and author – of Creating Brand Energy.  Cath began her career as a creative director for radio stations throughout Australia and later worked in events, public relations and national marketing management. In 2000, she established her Perth-based consultancy, now Conscious Business, which specialises in helping businesses to become more conscious of who they are, and to understand how ‘being’ who they are, is the key to their business success.

You can find Cath at: Consciousbusiness.net.au