#51– Mary Stelletello — Words Create Worlds

2 December 2019 


“The quality of conversations [have] the capability of transforming organizations and moving them towards greatness in the world.” — Mary Stelletello

In this episode we cover a wide range of topics within the impact world including: b-corps, workflow & energy, what makes a great leader, the importance of empathy, listening and more.  Enjoy!

About Mary: Mary Stelletello is a leadership development catalyst whose journey began as an International Fellow with Partners of the Americas. She is a certified professional coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation and uses these skills to support leaders in achieving their full potential. Over the last 25 years, she has designed and facilitated leadership programs in New Mexico, Hawaii, California, North Dakota, Wisconsin and several Latin American countries.

You can find Mary at: Twitter @ vistaglobalmary vistaglobalcc.com vistaleadershipinstitute.com