#50– Jon Freeman — The Science of Possibility

November 25, 2019 


“Letting go of the belief that the mind is the only tool that we’ve got” — Jon Freeman

Jon coaches organizations and individuals to reshape their mind-sets, cultures and systems.  In this episode we talk about consciousness of the individual and the organization, the importance of agility, virtues into vises and the silva method.  Enjoy!

About Jon: Blending an extensive career in systems change with a lifetime of personal development experience, Jon works as a coach and facilitator with organisations and individuals to reshape mind-sets, cultures and systemic functionality. The goal is to deliver an adaptive, agile and aligned way of being that is fitted to today’s fast-paced and unpredictable life and business conditions. Jon is the author of ground-breaking books and articles and is a trainer in leading edge approaches to human development. Now for the first time he is also experiencing life as an entrepreneur with the launch of an on-line information products business.