#49 – Heather Lundy — Addressing Burnout

November 18, 2019 


In this episode, we talk about about the reality that the need for mental health services is very high, yet the large majority of the public can’t afford these services i.e. therapy.  This is the problem Heather solves through her business, Khesed Wellness.  We also talk about the mental and emotional health workplace epidemic, aka burnout.  We discuss how and why burnout happens and what you can do to prevent it.  Enjoy!

About Heather: Founder & CEO of Khesed Wellness, Heather Lundy hails from an ascetic childhood on the coast of Southern California. Courageous in creating new paradigms of business within the mental health sector that invites the working class to thrive, her training as a licensed professional counselor and artist guide her visionary nature. Starting her first company in the cannabis industry at age 24 to founding a consulting firm for women starting their first business, Heather is an explorer of living beyond status quo. Lundy lives in Denver, CO, with her partner Olja and mini goldendoodle Nooma.

You can find Heather at: Khesedwellness.com