#46 – Anay Patel — Your Inner Game

October 28, 2019 


“There’s no difference between work and play in my life, it’s all the same thing.” — Anay Patel

In this episode, we talk about the power of visualization in business and life, breaking down limiting beliefs and adopting a growth mind set, integrating work and play, and realizing & actualizing the potential inside of all of us.  Anay is a close friend of ours, being apart of our community and helping us with our mission at Serenity Labs.  Enjoy!

About Anay: Anay is a millennial entrepreneur, he is highly ambitious to achieve his long term goals. He has been in love with entrepreneurship since he was 16 years old and now is devoted into carving his mark into society and hopefully one day impact millions.

You can find Anay at: FB / Twitter / IG @anaypatell