#44 – Jeffrey Zink — Early Days at Yahoo & The Power of Positive Thinking

October 14, 2019 


“The biggest resource for any company … is the people.” — Jeffrey Zink

Jeff was one of the first hires at Yahoo back in the 90s.  He shares how he landed that job and then helped to grow the east coast sales branch to over $300M.  Jeff also shares the power of positive thinking, some useful tips in communication and the difference between a toxic and healthy company culture.  (SIDE NOTE: Jeff and Jake’s father grew up together in Long Island, NY, long before Jake was born!).  Enjoy!

About Jeff: Jeffrey Zink has over 30 years of experience in launching new businesses, turnarounds and business acceleration.  Jeffrey started with YAHOO! shortly after its IPO launch and served as the company’s Vice President. He was responsible for East coast and Canadian operations including sales, strategic alliances and business development. During his tenure the east coast revenue grew to over $300 million dollars. Additionally, he developed and trained a team of over 120, while opening 6 branch locations

Jeffrey has been providing interactive workshops for multiple years to Fortune 500, SMB’s as well as Startups. These workshops have ensured companies excel in motivating staffs, creating power of positive thinking to increase the culture of an organization as well as revenue growth.

You can find Jeff at: Twitter / IG / LinkedIn @ JeffreyZink