#43 – Mark Vandeneijnde — Expressing Our Full Potential

October 10, 2019 


“The greater the tension inside … the greater the breakthrough that is waiting to be expressed.” Mark Vandeneijnde

Mark shares how his ‘obsession’ around human potential came to fruition, what the 4 pillars to a more purposeful life are, how to know your gifts and use them as your strength and much, much more.  If you’re looking to tap into your inner power, get clear on your identity to unleash a more authentic and impactful version of yourself, this episode is for you — enjoy!

About Mark: Mark Vandeneijnde is the co-founder of Being at Full Potential and co-creator of the Human Potential Assessment tool. Since establishing the business four years ago they have grown into a global coaching and assessment firm specializing in human potential realisation as a key enabler of peak performance.  They have trained and certified over 100 coaches in different parts of the world to use their unique assessment and methodology. They have also successfully implemented this work with some of the largest and innovative global organisations in the world (for example Procter & Gamble, Shell). Mark also holds an MBA from the Vlerick school of management, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, Canada and is an ICF certified Coach.

You can find Mark at: beingatfullpotential.com FB / LinkedIn @ Being At Full Potential