#40 – Nils Meinefeld — ESG Investing & Strategizing for the Future

September 23, 2019 


“[Impact investing] can cost a bit off of performance at times, but long term it won’t.” — Nils Meinefeld

In this episode we talk about the ‘impact investing conundrum’, SDGs (the sustainable development goals created by the United Nations), the role of the government vs business in handling sustainability issues, and how Nils believes sustainability is embedded in his DNA.  Enjoy!

About Nils: Nils is an investing professional with 12 years of experience in Sustainable Equities / Responsible Investing. He has delivered around all ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) dimensions - with the clear focus on generating positive impact for people and planet. Sustainability is part of Nils’ DNA. His background is in political sciences and business.  Nils likes thinking and working on interdisciplinary matters.

You can find Nils at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nilsmeinefeld/