#34 – Shanah Trevenna — Merging Science and Spirituality

September 02, 2019 


“Believe through practice” — Shanah Trevanna

Dr. Shanah Trevanna shares her journey of being an engineer, left brain person, to opening up to spirituality and the path it led her on. She blends the two beautifully to help leaders lead their companies with more confidence, harmony and success. She shares the 5 psychic abilities, including her ability to spoon bend, stories of using this work with leaders, and more. This episode is deeply insightful and mind expanding — enjoy!

About Shanah:

Dr. Shanah Trevenna merges deep science with honed clairvoyant intuition to divinely align life and purpose for conscious leaders. Over 20 years she has consulted with 100 global CEO’s, built and exited companies including a coworking center and accelerator, designed and taught university courses, keynoted, and authored books including Evolving Leadership for Collective Wellbeing. Topics span neuroscience, quantum physics, Blockchain for good, new economy, Millennials, and collaborative leadership. A native Canadian, Shanah lived 10 years in Hawaii and now hails from Lisbon.

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