#33 – Robert Rubinstein — An Economy That Works for Everyone & Being an Authentic Eccentric

August 29, 2019 


“You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to impress me, just call back.” — Robert Rubinstein

Rob shares in depth what it means to invest with intention to have an economy that works for everyone.  If you’re interested in ESG (environmental social governance) investments and want a deeper look into its workings, this is the episode for you.  Rob also opens up about the power of authenticity and why he values being an ‘authentic eccentric’.  He’s a big fan of George Carlin, Larry David and more.  Enjoy!

About Robert: Robert Rubinstein has been an integral thought leader for the Triple Bottom Line Investment Industry for many years. His mission, spearheaded by the organization Triple Bottom Line (TBLI) Group, is to create an inclusive values based economy. 

You can find Rob at: www.tbligroup.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertrubinstein/