#32 – Angela Lee — The Voltron Model

August 26, 2019 


“To be a good leader and communicator, it’s really about listening, being empathetic, and other oriented.” — Angela Lee

Angela shares her passion behind 37angels in closing the gender gap and creating more diverse investors in the space.  She also talks about her “No Douche-Bag Rule,” how she implements in, and why empathy is the key to sustainable leadership.  She also shares how she got her start in the startup world as an undergrad, using clever and ingenious ways to get intros to big meetings.  This episode is super fun packed with wisdom, stories of glory and cautionary tales — enjoy!

About Angela: Angela Lee is an educator and investor.  She is the founder of 37 Angels, a network that educates new investors and invests in 10 startups each year.  She is also the Chief Innovation Officer at Columbia Business School where she teaches courses on startup investing and leadership.  

Angela has spoken at the White House and is regularly invited to advise decision-makers at the highest levels, including Prime Minister Trudeau. She is a sought-after expert on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC and Fox Business.  She was recognized by Inc. as one of 17 Inspiring Women to Watch in 2017, by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of 6 Innovative Women to Watch in 2015, and has been named by Alley Watch as one of 100 NYC Tech Influencers You Need to Know.  She serves on the boards of Fresco Education Fund, Alice App, and Cariclub

You can find Angela at: http://www.37angels.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiangela/