#31 – Nick Novak — What Drives Happiness

August 22, 2019 


“That task of switching [the mind] is sometimes what we need for that creative burst” — Nick Novak

Nick shares the challenges he faced traveling across the world with his wife and acclimating to a new culture.  We also talk about how to create and live by your happiness, manifesting creativity and creating healthy cultures. Nick also shares his values, why they are so important to him and how they feed his energy and allow him to live a life of meaning and purpose.  If you’re looking to create more happiness in your life, this episode is a must listen — enjoy!

You can find Nick at: IG / Twitter/ FB @ NicholasNovak https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasnovak/ testlearniterate.com

About Nick: With over 15 years of driving growth for socially-minded enterprises across EMEA and the US, including companies such as Schoolnet, Pearson and Arbor Education, Nick has unique expertise in building and leading teams across public and private sectors. He is operationally focused, with a deep understanding of how to scale startups successfully and is passionate about building customer-focused organisations that deliver positive social impact. Despite living in Britain since 2012, he’s still no closer to losing his American accent or his love for baseball.

At TLI Venture Partners,  the team built their careers in fields like Big Data and Analytics, Social Enterprise, Edtech, Automotive Tech and InsurTech. With successful exits across multiple industries in businesses valued over £300m, they now bring their expertise to small and large organisations alike for everything from discrete projects to business strategy and transformation.