#30 – Stefanos Sifandos — Are You Willing?

August 19, 2019 


“My actions weren’t driven by outcome, it was driven by exploration itself.” — Stefanos Sifandos 

Stefanos shares openly his challenges of working through and releasing deep emotional pain along his journey of healing and transformation.  He gives us tools on how to create deeper intimacy in our lives and let our true selves flourish. This episode is powerful and packed with lessons.  Enjoy!

You can find Stefanos: IG/FB/Youtbe @ Stefanos Sifandos Stefanossifandos.com

About Stefanos: Stefanos’ mission is to help you reconnect with your truth, and empower you to create the abundant life that you deserve.  Stefanos facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, an integration of spiritual praxis and western psychology to improve and enhance the quality of your relationships. Stefanos believes that intimate relationships and sacredness in union is a direct path to enlightenment and freedom.