#29 – Patti Chu — Insights into Microfinance

August 12, 2019 


“Do something that you are scared of everyday” — Patti Chu Patti shares how 9/11 sparked her career into positive impact. She also shares what microfincance is, how it benefits people, their families, and their communities as well as more tips for investors and entrepreneurs on how to create mutually nourishing relationships. We also talk about fear, and her fear of water even though she invests in ocean solution companies! Enjoy!  You can find Patti at: www.linkedin.com/in/pattichu/  

About Patti:

Patti’s career has been fueled by her passion for social impact and she has over fifteen years of experience working on international development issues with particular focus in the areas of financial inclusion, microfinance, education and sustainability.