#23 – Sven Kaufmann — Transforming Your Mindset

July 18, 2019 


“It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in life, and it helped me a lot.” — Sven Kaufmann

Sven describes his transformative experiences with plant medicine. He shares how his whole world changed for the better, and how his actual demeanor softened so much so that his marketing team requested he take new headshots. He also jumps into his philosophy behind impact investing – why he doesn’t have a specific focus and why that’s important to him. This episode is a story of transformation into a healthier and more fulfilling life. Enjoy!

About Sven: Sven Kaufmann, born in 1971 in Germany, started his career in telecommunication division. He build the first privately owned calling card company which was sold to a German electricity company. Later he founded the first global discount roaming mobile operator in Liechtenstein which was sold to an Irish telecommunication company. In 2009 Sven started a fin-tech company for mobile payments which got listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. The last years Sven supported international companies, mostly start up's to improve their network, strategies, fundraising as well as marketing and sales. His main focus now is on impact related ventures. Sven is married and has 4 children.