#19 – Catherine Sherlock — How & Why to Welcome All Emotions

July 1, 2019 


“When you push [emotions] away … you’re always going to be in struggle.” - Catherine Sherlock

In this episode we talk about the importance of welcoming all emotions to build inner resilience and strength.  We also talk about the power of intuition, the healing power of nature, and more — enjoy!

About Catherine: Higher Mindfulness is about growing your nonmaterial assets. Shaking up some paradigms. Unfettering. Experiencing your inner wisdom. Elevating your ability to dispel bigger problems.  Connecting with something greater than you. That fuels a better quality of living and working. And creates profound transformation in the way we look at and live in the world.

After her Master’s, Catherine worked as an environmental and sustainability consultant. She served all levels of government, businesses large to small, non-profits and other agencies. Her work encompassed a wide range of areas from organizational development, research and evaluation to land management and education. 

Over time, as she sought to facilitate greater transformation, more and more of her personal journey seeped into her work. As she did so, it became increasingly transformative for clients. She began to understand that to make real change easier required a change in the inner conditions. As people connect to their inner wisdom, they begin to see opportunities and choice points that weren’t visible before.

You can follow Catherine here: highermindfulness.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherinesherlock/ www.facebook.com/highermindfulness