#18 – Boomer Anderson — Genetics & High Performance

June 27, 2019 


“Your genetics are not your destiny.” - Boomer Anderson In this episode, we dive deep into optimal flow routines for high performance, the power of genetics and our ability to influence them, and more.  Enjoy! About Boomer: Boomer Anderson is a Partner, Performance Advisor, and Podcast Host at Decoding Superhuman. Boomer serves as the catalyst to high performance for many top entrepreneurs, CEOs, and working professionals.  In a prior life, Boomer worked in investment banking assisting companies and governments to raise billions of dollars and has won several barbecue championships in the United States.  His passions include travel, adrenaline sports, and pushing the limits of the human condition.  You can find Boomer at: Website: decodingsuperhuman.com LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/company/decodingsuperhuman LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/boomeranderson Instagram: instagram.com/decodingsuperhuman  Facebook: facebook.com/decodingsuperhuman