#14 – Stepping Into Your Authentic Genius with Andrew Biggs

June 2, 2019 


“The ego tries and the soul flows.”   Andrew Biggs is an international sales coach for top-performers at Google, Salesforce, SAP, Bloomberg, and Microsoft, Andrew Biggs help 6 and 7 figure earners achieve their highest potential.   Andrew was a top-1% producer out of 40,000 sales reps, scaled a business from $6M to $30M, directly managed a team of 1500 people, and boasted 6 of the top 10 highest-grossing apps on the Apple App Store as clients all before the age of 30.  

Andrew’s work has been highly recognized in both local and national media, he is a Premium Medium contributor, and has even appeared on NBC.   He is an industry leading expert in leadership and the psychology of performance and helps any sales leader looking to grow connect to the meaning and purpose necessary to achieve both top-performance and true fulfillment in their lives through his Better Than Rich system.