#12 – The Future of Food with Morgan Keim

May 20, 2019 


Morgan Keim is CEO of Sprouted Ventures, a market strategy and business development collective that builds, launches and scales emerging plant-based food-tech brands. He has worked alongside brands like Impossible Foods, Motif Ingredients and Whole Foods to bring health, sustainability, animal welfare into our food system.   This episode is a fun one.  We cover a whole host of subjects ranging from taking risks, effective listening (“seek to understand before you’re understood”), what’s in the works in the food-tech world, managing personal energy, creating bliss states, and more.  Enjoy!  

You can find Morgan and Sprouted Ventures at: 

www.sproutedventures.com or @SproutedVentures on IG  

Books: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris Introducing NLP Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour